Marking Tools…

Do you have favorite marking tools?

Do you test them before you mark each quilt?

You should always test any kind of marking tool before you use it on a quilt!

Today I am going to share my favorite tools and tell you why they are my favorite. Tools?? When I say tools that can be; pens, pencils, chalk pencils, pounce powder anything that you would use to mark your quilt top for quilting.

My List:

Purple air erase pens

Miracle Markers (Magic)

White Marking Pen (Fine)

Chalk Pencil

Iron off white Pounce Powder

Micron Pen (these are permanent)

Frixion Pen (not recommended)

The purple air erase pens are my favorite for light fabrics because you don’t have to do anything and I am a lazy quilter. You can also use water to erase if you are in a hurry. They come in two sizes (that I found anyway) regular tip and fine tip. I bought these at Joann’s, but you can find them lots of places. The down side is the mark does not last for very long (estimate 24 hrs.) which is why most quilters don’t use them very much.

The Miracle Markers are my favorite for dark fabrics. After you are done quilting just hit it with a steam iron and the marks are gone. Most of the time I can rub the marks away. The marks last until you remove them. The down side is that they do not have a very fine tip even when you sharpen them. Also, the marks rub away if you incidentally rub against it.

The White Marking Pen (Fine) is my second favorite for dark fabrics. I use this one when I need a very precise line to quilt on. Just hit it with a steam iron when you are done and the marks are gone. The down side is it takes a minute to show up when you are using it. You just have to be a little patient for the mark to appear and trust that it will. I have heard people say that the mark comes back, but I have never witnessed it myself so I will keep using it.

The chalk pencil is what I use for darker fabrics, when I run out of the other two as it takes manual labor to remove (lazy quilter…lol). The down side is, well I feel like it doesn’t all come off all the way unless you wash it. I quilt for customers most so I don’t get to wash the quilts, but need to make sure those marks are gone.

The Iron off Pounce Powder I most when I am doing grid work, but occasionally I will do a stencil with it. It does come off with a steam iron. However, I usually will try and rub as much as I can off before I take it to the iron. I do not use regular pounce powder, so I can’t say anything about it. The down side is it does get all down in the machine which I do not like. I am a clean freak about my machine.

The Micron Pen I only use for quilt labels. It is a permanent marking pen and will not wash out. It does help with a speedy label though.

The Frixion Pen I really did love this one. But it doesn’t work well with fabric. The marks may re-appear or turn a ghost white after you remove them with the steam iron. I have had luck with them not coming back after they have been washed, but do not want to chance it on customer quilts. I still use it from time to time when I get a chance to work on my own quilts.

Sew Clean is a very awesome product. I use it when there is a mark that doesn’t want to come out (mostly the chalk pencil). It also helps remove pounce powder very well. I think every quilter should have a bottle in their studio. No, I did get paid to say that. And No, I don’t get any freebies from them. But when I love a product, I have to share the love.

The blue marking pen is not in use in my studio. Guess I feel like it does not come out well enough. I have heard so many horror stories about them becoming permanent or hiding in the batting only to return, that I really don’t want to chance it on someone else’s quilt. I know that there are a lot of quilters out there that due use them and have no problems. And I am not saying not to use them, just my personal choice is to not to (lol). One of my best friends (longarmer of course) uses the blue marking pens, but takes it off with the sew clean instead of water.

But yet again I can’t stress this enough, test anything that you use before you put it on the quilt!!

Thank you for reading…

Until next time keep drawing and doodling!!