You may drop your quilt off by appointment only. I take in new quilts on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

  • Please call Lawana to make an appointment
  • A work order will be completed during the appointment


  • Please review preparing your quilt before shipping
  • Make sure that your work order is in with the quilt
  • All shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. A USPS medium box is currently only $12.65 and should arrive in 2-3 business day. A medium box should be big enough to fit a queen size quilt top and the backing.

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Preparing Your Quilt

  • Make sure that your quilt top and backing are squared up. Without pre-approval I will not trim or cut a quilt top that I have not made myself. Please see pricing.
  • Please do not add any embellishments to the quilt top before it is to be quilted. Adding embellishments such as buttons, jewels, metal, beads, etc., can result in damage to my machine which in turn could damage your quilt.
  • Check to be sure all seams are secure. If seams are not secured at the time I check the quilt in and I am asked to fix the seam a $5.00 charge per seam will be added. If you would like me to send the quilt back to you for you to fix all shipping fees will be at your cost.
  • Stay-stitching – If your borders are pieced or if they have bias edges please make sure that you have basted within an ⅛ of an inch all around the edges of the quilt top(just the top). This will ensure that piecing does not come undone or bias stretched during the quilting process. This will also be covered up by your binding.
  • Trim all threads. Untrimmed thread can result in a dark thread showing through a lighter fabric.
  • Press top and backing. If backing is pieced please be sure that all seams are pressed to one side or the other and are not pressed open.
  • Batting and backing should be 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the quilt top. This means that there is approximately 4 inches all the way around the quilt top.
  • Please do not pin top to batting and backing. All layers need to be separate to be loaded on the rollers.
  • Mark the top of the quilt by putting one safety pin in the middle section of the top.
  • Make sure the you have completed the work order form and it is in the package with the quilt.
  • Borders
    Border are just as important as the middle of the quilt!Although most longarmers know a few tips and tricks for calming wavy or full boarder we do love it when they are nice and straight and lay flat. Also tucks can get quilted in as a result of the full and wavy borders. So if you are like me and sometimes get a little extra fullness in your borders and would like some help, here is a document that you can print

    Fullness Disclaimer
    If your quilt has extra fullness, that you would rather not correct, you hereby release Pens and Needles
    from all liability and/or responsibility from any tucks or other problems that may occur as a result of said